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Best authors of books about depression, panic attacks, anxiety disorders: rating, list of authors and books

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On this page, in the category "E-books and audiobooks", you will find a list of the 10+ best authors of books about depression, panic attacks and anxiety disorders, as well as adjustment disorders and a rating of the 100+ best books of popular science books on psychology and treatment of depression, fears. The list is based on our experience, as well as reviews and top ratings of online stores presented on our website that sell books on psychology for men, women and children. The list we have compiled on this page as of 2024 (year) is regularly updated.  You can also leave your reviews for interesting books about depression and anxiety disorders that you especially like. To buy books, go to the page with the description of the book selected.

Best authors of books on depression and panic attacks, Top 5+ best writers

First name, last nameYears activeCountryInformation, view the author's books
Mark Williams XXI c. United States of America Professor of Clinical Psychology and Researcher at the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Oxford. ...
Robert L. Leahy XX - XXI c. United States of America
3 books
Klaus Bernhardt XX - XXI c. Germany German psychotherapist, journalist, author of books about depression and panic disorders. ...
Andrew Matthews XX - XXI c. Australia Australian writer, psychologist, author of books on self-development and motivation.
1 books
David D. Burns XX - XXI c. United States of America Well-known American psychologist, psychiatrist, M.D. ...
4 books
Kelly McGonigal XX - XXI c. United States of America American writer, Doctor of Philosophy, psychologist. University professor, leading expert. ...
5 books
Sigmund Freud XIX - XX c. Austria Austrian psychologist, psychiatrist and neurologist, professor, M.D., founder of psychoanalysis.
13 books

Best books in the genre "Books on depression, panic attacks". Top best books

books on psychology about anxiety disorders, adjustment disorders

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  • The Jealousy Cure: Learn to Trust, Overcome Possessiveness, and Save Your Relationship, Robert L. Leahy

    audiobook. ISBN: 978-1-5436-8100-0
    audiobook. ISBN: 978-1-5436-8099-7

    Prices * : 19.99 - 29.99 €

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  • The Worry Cure, Robert L. Leahy

    eBook. ISBN: 978-1-4055-2332-5

    Prices: 4.49 - 4.49 €

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