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Answers to the questions from the site population: purchase, delivery, payment, customs and much more

Is this site an online store?

No, it is not. Our Internet service only provides an opportunity for online stores to make a presentation of their company and product lists, as well as organizes a search and price comparison service. We are not dependent on any store and provide presentation opportunities to online stores on equal terms.

How often do you update the information about the online stores products presented on your website?

Updating information about goods and prices is done at different intervals; it depends on the particular online store. The online store owner can update the product information at any point in time.

How can I make a purchase and pay in stores located beyond Germany and the European Union?

The order of purchase, payment and delivery is determined by each e-tailer independently. Usually, the payment methods in non-EU stores acceptable for residents of Germany are Visa or MasterCard credit cards, as well as through payment systems PayPal, Contact, Western Union or, if you own electronic wallets such as Webmoney and others, you can use the latter.

Why do, in some cases, the prices of goods on your website differ from those in an online store?

Pricing information is regularly updated on our website; however, if the online store has not made a timely update of prices for our service or has changed prices after the latest price update on our website, then there may be differences.
Besides, all prices on our website are in euros. Should a store trade in dollars, zlotys, roubles, or in another currency, we recalculate the price of goods in euros at the rate of the European Central Bank as of the previous day. Our current EURO exchange rate

What about customs duties when buying from other countries?

Some goods, when purchased in certain countries, are subject to customs duties, you can read up-to-date information on customs duties regarding the parcels receipt on the Federal Ministry of Finance official website: You can also calculate the customs duty on the European Commission website.
As a rule, in case the parcel cost is less than the legal limit, it is not subject to customs duty. Learn more on that by reading reviews about online stores left by visitors to our site or on the official sites of the e-shops.

I do not have a credit card to pay in online stores. How can I get one?

For more information on obtaining a credit card and safely using it in the Internet visit the Living sparingly in Germany website.

What is the regular procedure of purchasing from an online store?

Once you have found a suitable product on our website and compared prices and terms of sale of online stores, follow the links to the store's website, read the terms of sale and place your order. It is usually suggested that you sign up by the initial purchase. Besides, most stores work against prepayment. Check out for any details in the online stores working conditions. As to the regular purchasing procedure, it is as follows:

How to shop online

I've never bought from online stores before, what would you advise?

There are several important advantages to shopping online, because e-tailers do not need a large floor space to present their products and you can choose and receive them from the comfort of your own home:

However, when buying from online stores, you need to pay attention to the following points:

I would like to register my store with you, how can I do it?

If you own an online store in Germany or in another country, but provide for the possibility of paying and shipping goods to Germany, you can register your store with us, as well as regularly update your goods and prices lists. Detailed information, as well as the registration form, can be found in the business section on a dedicated page of our website.