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Online stores in Germany

Second-hand online stores in Germany

Information: Second-hand in Germany

On this page you will find out where you can buy second-hand clothes and shoes in Germany : here you can find second-hand online stores selling both wholesale and retail goods from the post-consumer category. Such goods include men's and women's outerwear, underwear and footwear, as well as accessories; besides, on the pages of these e-tailers, you will find second-hand clothes for children in good condition, fashionable expensive clothes, both winter and summer wear.

The catalogue contains online stores in Germany, which sell their goods per piece within the country for individuals, as well as stores that provide for the sale of second-hand wholesale and small wholesale to other countries, including Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and other Russian-speaking countries, as well as the USA, Poland, Great Britain, China, India.

There are both e-tailers and swap sites . Most of the sites in this section provide information in German.

Besides, in the list you will find trading platforms where you can put your used things for sale : clothes, shoes, toys, books, etc. Some trading platforms only organize a meeting of sellers and buyers who independently agree on the purchase and sale, while others are engaged in the purchase of used clothing and shoes and their subsequent sale to the end customer.

All online stores in the catalogue have an individual business card with detailed information, reviews and ratings of buyers and sellers, where we invite you to leave your comment.

Catalogue of online stores


Kleiderkorb, Germany

E-commerce site for the sale, exchange and free offers of children's, men's and women's clothing.

Rating of the online store: 5 , Reviews: 2

R. Wegmann Handel

R. Wegmann Handel, Germany

Sale of clothes, footwear and accessories of stock and second-hand

Rating of the online store: 5 , Reviews: 1


Buyzoxs, Germany

One of the best online stores to sell, purchase and exchange used items, electronics, household goods

Rating of the online store: 5 , Reviews: 1


Medimops, Germany

Online store of used books, CDs with music and movies, as well as electronic games

Rating of the online store: 4 , Reviews: 1

Mädchen Flohmarkt

Mädchen Flohmarkt, Germany

E-commerce site for the sale and purchase of second-hand clothing for men, women and children, as well as shoes and accessories.

Rating of the online store: 1 , Reviews: 1


Rebelle, Germany

Online store of second-hand designer clothes

Lila Laune Shop

Lila Laune Shop, Germany

Second-hand online store for children and adults, books, CDs, toys

Momox AG

Momox AG, Germany

E-commerce site for used items, clothing and accessories

Selected Shoes

Selected Shoes, Italy

Sale of assorted used clothing, footwear and accessories

Vide Dressing

Vide Dressing, France

International e-commerce site for used clothing, footwear and accessories.


O-Kids, Germany

Quality checked second-hand clothes for boys and girls, as well as books and toys

Rating of the online store: 5 , Reviews: 1

Second Choice

Second Choice, Germany

Second-hand clothes and shoes, toys, books, CDs and other goods

Rating of the online store: 5 , Reviews: 1

Online Sozialkaufhaus

Online Sozialkaufhaus, Germany

Social assistance online store of used men's and women's clothing, accessories, discs


cash4brands, Germany

Online store of used goods: clothes, shoes, accessories

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