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Information: Car markets in Germany

This catalogue contains the main car markets in Germany, where both manufacturers and individuals can buy and sell cars, trucks , motorcycles, as well as resell vehicles via the Internet. The list below shows such well-known car auctions in Germany, as AutoScout24,, and lesser known ones.

These car markets are trading platforms where you can put your car for sale, both used and new, for free or for a certain fee. The number of cars for sale on these car markets is in the millions, here you can buy a variety of models, both from German manufacturers: BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, and from other European countries. Also the auctions offer cars from other countries, including the USA, France, Japan, Korea, Russia, etc.

Buying cars on these sites has a number of advantages: due to the fact that the number of offers of the same car models is usually very large, you can select the most suitable offer for the price . Besides, these car markets usually provide a convenient vehicle search system by price, mileage, car make, fuel type and dozens of other parameters.

Usually car markets and trading platforms do not provide intermediary services for buyers and sellers, i.e., the buyer and the seller negotiate exclusively between themselves on the timing, methods of payment, inspection, car return, etc.

All car markets and trading platforms in our catalogue have a dedicated page with detailed information about the platform, reviews and ratings of buyers and sellers, where we invite you to leave your comments and ratings as well.

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AutoScout24, Germany

Car market in Germany, used and new cars from individuals and companies are on sale

Rating of the online store: 5 , Reviews: 1, Germany

One of the largest used and new car markets in Germany, Germany

Car exchange for the sale of new and used cars, information car site, Germany

Car market of used and new cars, posting information about selling cars on the website and in newspapers

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