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Largest market for new and used cars in Germany AutoScout24 in Germany

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Name AutoScout24
Country, address Grünwald, Germany
Customer ratings AutoScout24 Rank 5
5 out of 5 based on 1 rankings and 1 reviews.
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Delivery to Germany Payment and delivery are negotiated between the buyer and the seller in each case.
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Description of the AutoScout24 online store:

AutoScout24 is the largest car e-commerce site for new and used cars in Germany. As of this information placement date, the offer of cars on the site is more than two and a half million items. On this site, everyone can sell their car or find a new one at no extra cost or fee.
The site provides a variety of search options, limiting the list of cars, including its make, fuel type, mileage, distance to the location of the car and more. The site also has services that allow you to calculate insurance or tax for the desired car.
Here, both private individuals and manufacturers and trading companies offer for sale new and used cars in Germany.
This market does not offer intermediary services for payment or delivery of cars, the contract is solely between the buyer and the seller.

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