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Online stores in Germany

Online stores with delivery to Germany

Information: Stores with delivery to Germany

This catalogue contains online stores from different countries, including foreign-speaking countries, which deliver goods to Germany , and also have payment methods suitable for residents of Germany. The list includes the largest online stores in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, the USA, Poland, Great Britain, China, India and other countries, as well as in European countries, whose sites have a foreign language interface.

Since when purchasing from these online stores, goods are delivered from abroad, the shipment may take a long time, besides, depending on the country, not all groups of goods are allowed to buy from abroad / sell abroad. In this regard, the types of goods that can be bought in online stores with delivery to Germany are very limited , these usually include: books and CDs, software that can be downloaded from the Internet, as well as some types of accessories and household goods. However, the assortment in these groups of goods often significantly exceeds that offered by foreign online stores in Germany.

When buying from these online stores, keep in mind that payment options for residents of Germany , depending on the country, are very limited, most stores only accept credit cards as payment or electronic systems ... However, not all credit cards issued in Germany can be used to buy goods in other countries, and it is also difficult to replenish some electronic systems with money from Germany. However, some online stores with delivery to Germany offer the option of paying for goods to a merchant's bank account either in Germany or elsewhere in Europe, which is a suitable option.

Also, when purchasing goods from abroad, you need to take into account that for some purchased goods, you may need to pay customs duty . This information has to be checked out on the websites of these e-tailers. All online stores with delivery to Germany in the catalogue have an individual business card with detailed information, reviews and customer ratings, where we invite you to leave your feedback.

Catalogue of online stores


LitRes, Russia

The largest Russian online store of licensed electronic and audio books in the Russian and foreign languages

Rating of the online store: 5 , Reviews: 2


Fairvital, Netherlands

Health supplement food, nutritional supplements, natural vitamins


Allsoft, Russia

Store of licensed computer programs, games, electronic versions of dictionaries and encyclopedias

Rating of the online store: 5 , Reviews: 5


DVDDOM, Russia

DVD store with video, music, games, audiobooks and software

Rating of the online store: 5 , Reviews: 2


OZON, Russia

The largest online bookstore selling to Germany as well

Rating of the online store: 3 , Reviews: 4



The largest online watch store selling to Germany as well


Florist.RU, Russia

Sale of flowers bouquets with the most diverse floral design with worldwide delivery


Labirint, Russia

Online bookstore, bookselling and publishing holding, Russia

Online store of books, music and software

Pink RUS

Pink RUS, Switzerland

Russian online store of books and CDs in Switzerland

Panorama MIR

Panorama MIR, Switzerland

Online store of various Russian goods in Switzerland

Rating of the online store: 1 , Reviews: 7


InfoResheniya, Russia

BlackBerry smartphone store in Russia and abroad

Rating of the online store: 5 , Reviews: 1


LightInTheBox, China

One of the largest Chinese e-tailers - LightInTheBox и MiniInTheBox

Rating of the online store: 2 , Reviews: 3


H&M, Sweden

One of the largest European textile manufacturing companies selling clothing and textiles

Horvi EnzyMed

Horvi EnzyMed, Netherlands

Online store of the Horvi manufacturer of enzyme preparations (enzymes) for health

Polski eSklep

Polski eSklep, Poland

Online store of Polish food products with delivery to Germany


TomTop, China

A major e-tailer of various goods from China


iHerb, United States

Online store of natural foods, medicines and cosmetics from the USA

Macy s

Macy’s, United States

The USA-based online nonfood store


Overstock, United States

Online store of household goods with delivery to Germany

Deep Discount

Deep Discount, United States

American online store of CDs at low prices

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