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Country, address Russia
Customer ratings DVDDOM Rank 5
5 out of 5 based on 2 rankings and 2 reviews.
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Delivery to Germany Airmail delivery within 10-30 days
Delivery methods
  • Air Mail
  • Internet download
Payment methods
  • Money transfer to an account in the country of the store
  • Upon receipt of the goods
List of goods For a list of goods, see the section of goods on our website or in the online store proper.

Description of the DVDDOM online store:

Online store of CDs and DVDs containing music, films, audiobooks. It offers a huge number of discs with films of all kinds of genres: Russian cinema, detective stories, historical films, documentaries, comedies, cartoons, adventures, science fiction. The store also offers discs with games and computer programs for sale.

First of all, most of the movies on the store's website can be downloaded at high speed for a small fee. When downloading movies, you can pay via WebMoney or by sending an SMS from your mobile phone. When paying via an SMS, the buyer receives a code that has to be entered on the download site. As reported on the store's website, the downloaded movies are intended for personal viewing and subsequent deletion.

If you decide to buy discs in order to save on delivery charges, you’d better order more discs at once, you can invite your friends to make a joint order. The delivery cost depends on the number of discs. The store offers cumulative quantity discounts, after the purchase of 30 discs, you’ll be offered a 5% discount; upon purchasing 100 discs, the subsequent price will be 10% less!

The payment method suitable for residents of Germany is one of the payment systems: Western Union and others. According to the information of the online store, after processing the order, you will receive a letter indicating the amount and a deion of the payment options. If you choose to transfer money through Western Union (WU), go to any WU branch, fill out the transfer form, pay, and then you will be provided with the transfer code. You will be required to provide this code, the exact address and full name of the sender. Immediately after receiving the money, your order will be sent to you. However, you can pay in Western Union without leaving your computer. By registering on the official Western Union website, you indicate where and to whom you are sending the payment and your credit card, from which the money will automatically be withdrawn and transferred to the recipient specified. A small fee is also required for a Western Union money transfer.

According to the online store information, the delivery time outside Russia is usually 10 - 30 days, depending on the remoteness of the delivery region.

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