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Country, address Moscow, Russia
Customer ratings OZON Rank 3
3 out of 5 based on 4 rankings and 4 reviews.
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Delivery to Germany Delivery time outside Russia is usually 2 to 10 weeks, half the time by airmail. For Germany usually 2-4 weeks.
Delivery methods
  • Mail
  • Air Mail
Payment methods
  • Visa credit card
  • MasterCard credit card
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • American Express credit card
List of goods For a list of goods, see the section of goods on our website or in the online store proper.

Description of the OZON online store:

One of the largest Russian online stores selling mainly books and CDs with films and music. Besides, the store sells electronics, cameras, mobile phones, software and games for the computer, sporting goods, jewelry and much more.

According to the terms of sale of the online store, some goods are not sent outside of Russia. These include: goods from the sections like Electronics, Photo and Video, Phones, Beauty Salon, DVD and Video, Music, Software and Games, Audiobooks, Antiques, Gifts, Children's World, Sports and Leisure. In the Bibliopoly section, such goods include prints issued earlier than 50 years relative to the date of sale. So mostly German residents buy books from OZON.
Of course, in order to save on shipping, it is better to order more books at once, you can also invite your friends to make a joint order. The shipping cost depends on the weight of the books, so, when placing an order, you can find out and add or remove unnecessary books in a timely manner.

According to the information of the online store, the delivery time outside Russia usually ranges from 2 to 10 weeks, depending on the remoteness of the delivery region. The delivery time for airmail is usually half the time, from 1 to 5 weeks. In our experience, delivery time to Germany is on average 1 month.
In accordance with the postal and customs regulations of the Russian Federation, books and other goods cannot be sent in one package. Books are sent in separate parcels weighing up to 5 kg, including the weight of the package itself - 400 g. Should your order exceed the specified limits, it will be dispatched to you in separate parcels.
The store's website says that according to the customs rules that exist in your country, upon receipt of parcels, you have to pay customs duties if you exceed a certain limit on the parcel value. For more information on customs duties, see the Information section.

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