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Inter Grosshandel GmbH

Wholesale clothing, factory-direct Inter Grosshandel GmbH in Germany

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Name Inter Grosshandel GmbH
Country, address Waiblingen, Germany
Customer ratings Inter Grosshandel GmbH Rank 5
5 out of 5 based on 5 rankings and 5 reviews.
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Store link Go to Inter Grosshandel GmbH website
The site was not available at the last check.
Delivery to Germany Delivery within Germany and abroad
Delivery methods
  • Self-delivery
  • DHL
Payment methods
  • Visa credit card
  • MasterCard credit card
  • Transfer to an account in Germany
  • Upon receipt of the goods
List of goods For a list of goods, see the section of goods on our website or in the online store proper.

Description of the Inter Grosshandel GmbH online store:

An online store where you can create a wholesale purchase order for clothing or accessories. Both small and large wholesale is possible. The online store is fully available in several languages.

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